“Photogenic” Niki Victoria Age, Family, Net Worth 2024

Niki Victoria is a 20-year-old Fashion and Beauty Content Creator who has gained a massive following on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. She first gained attention on TikTok by sharing “what girls actually do at sleepovers” video in 2019. Born on November 8th, 2002 in Toronto, Canada.

As an Scorpio, she is known for her energetic and enthusiastic personality. Niki stands at 6 feet 1 inches (185 cm) tall and weighs 57 kilograms (125 lbs).
She is known for her striking appearance and frequently shares content on her social media channels related to beauty, fashion, and photography.

Niki Victoria

Personal Details

NameNiki Victoria
Date of Birth8 Noember 2002
Niki Victoria Age(as of 2024) 21
Birth PlaceToronto, Canada
Instagram Star
Niki’ Personal Details

Meet Nikki Victoria, a 20-year-old Canadian social media sensation who has made a name for herself as a TikToker, YouTuber, model, and Instagram star. Born on November 8, 2002, in Toronto, Nikki has garnered a massive following online thanks to her engaging content and captivating personality. Whether she’s sharing fun dance videos on TikTok, vlogging on YouTube, or posing for stunning photos on Instagram, Nikki’s fans can’t get enough of her. With her star power only continuing to rise, it’s clear that Nikki Victoria is a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media.

Niki Victoria

Physical Appearance

Nikii’s Height (approx)6’1″
Nikii’s Weight (approx)57 kg
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorDark Blonde
Niki’s Physical Appearance

Niki Victoria stands at approximately 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs around 57 kg. Her striking blue eyes are sure to captivate anyone who meets her, and her dark blonde hair adds to her stunning appearance. As a model and social media star, Nikki’s height and weight likely play a role in her career and image, but what truly sets her apart is her unique personality and talent. Whether she’s dancing, creating content, or modeling, Nikki has a way of capturing people’s attention and leaving a lasting impression. With her impressive physical attributes and undeniable charm, it’s no wonder that Nikki Victoria has become such a popular figure in the world of social media.

Niki Victoria

Career Achievments

Nikii started her social media journey in 2014 on YouTube, where she posted skits, tutorials, and vlogs. She is having 260K subscribers on YouTube. Her passion for video creation led her to transition to TikTok in 2021, where she gained 300k followers within a few months by focusing on her interest in photography and modeling. She continued to grow her account to 1.4M followers the following years. She utilized Instagram’s reels feature to grow her account from 0 to 574k+ followers, showcasing her talent for creating engaging content.

This TikTok creator specializes in fashion and beauty content, sharing her expertise in modeling and photography with her audience. With over 600,000 fans on the platform, she has gained a significant following due to her tips and techniques in these areas. Her content focuses on helping her viewers improve their modeling and photography skills, providing them with valuable insights and knowledge. Whether it’s makeup tutorials, outfit ideas, or photo editing tips, this creator’s content is a go-to for those looking to enhance their fashion and beauty game.

Niki Victoria Net Worth

Niki a is a popular YouTuber and Instagram influencer whose estimated net worth is around 650k USD. Her videos and posts showcase her impressive talents and knowledge in the areas of beauty, fashion, and Modelling. Her hard work, consistency, and dedication have clearly paid off as she continues to see growth in her audience and income.

Niki’s Instagram

Niki Victoria’s Instagram profile is a visual feast for her followers. Her profile is filled with stunning photos that showcase her modeling prowess and natural beauty. Nikki’s captivating blue eyes and dark blonde hair are frequently on display in her posts, which often feature her wearing fashionable outfits and striking poses. In addition to her modeling work, Nikki also shares personal glimpses into her life, including her hobbies and travels. With a sizable following of over a million fans, Nikki’s Instagram profile is a testament to her popularity and the impact she has made in the world of social media.

Niki’s Social Media Handles

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